Who We Are

Our Mission

With dedication and hard work, our Company is motivated to maintain our recognition as one of the leading suppliers in the manufacturing and distribution industries by continuously improving the quality of our products, services, and offerings. It is our passion to give our customers only the best products that they deserve.

Our Product. Our People. Our Pride.
We are Gold Label Resources, Incorporated.

Our Vision

We aim to be recognized as the best All-Filipino owned, All-Filipino made pasta and noodle manufacturer and the leading food distributor, not only in the Philippines, but also in the whole of Asia and the rest of the world. It is our wish to give happiness to all our valued customers by serving them quality products that they will surely enjoy, making their ordinary meal special and turning any celebration, occasion, event, social gathering, or simple everyday meal meaningful and unforgettable.

Our Product. Our People. Our Pride.
We are Gold Label Resources, Incorporated.

Our Beliefs

For 50 years, our Company deeply believes:

  • That it is our main concern to develop quality and affordable pasta and noodle products.
  • That our beloved customers always come first by delivering them quality products and services.
  • That our products can make a difference in the lives of our beloved customers, clients, and business partners.
  • That we continue to innovate and improve our products through essential research and development by investing to different machineries and equipment.
  • That we care for our people because they are the foundation of our business.

Our Product. Our People. Our Pride.
We are Gold Label Resources, Incorporated

Our Values

For 50 years, our Company has been governed by our core values, which became the foundation of our business. These values serve as a powerful tool in behaving and making fair judgments for our company that shaped and strengthened our business through the years.

  • Passion for Food. We know food better and we love them very much that we put our hearts and souls on this field with trading different food products and manufacturing pasta and noodles in our minds. Our mindset is clear – we only offer quality food products to our beloved customers, clients, and business partners.
  • Quality food products at its best. Our main goal is to offer our customers, clients, and business partners the highest quality standard of pasta and noodle products by using only the finest and freshest ingredients processed in more modern equipment and facilities. Moreover, we want to make quality products that are competitively priced or being sold at affordable prices and reliably delivered.
  • Empowering our people. Our company’s success mainly depends on how our employees value trustworthiness, perseverance, teamwork, self-responsibility, integrity, and respect with their co-workers and with the company. We embrace our people as our own by helping them shape, build, and strengthen their good moral values to become a good citizen to their community and the society.
  • Integrity with partnerships. Our suppliers and business partners are our teammates for success in this business. We treat them with all honesty, respect, and transparency in all our business dealings with them. We also owe our commitment, fair judgment, and integrity with our business partners, suppliers, customers, consumers, and beloved employees.

Our Product. Our People. Our Pride.
We are Gold Label Resources, Incorporated.

Our Company

Gold Label Resources Incorporated is a proud all-Filipino owned and managed company. One of the pioneer pasta and noodle manufacturers and has the widest varieties of these products in the Philippines. Name it all; Macaroni, Spaghetti, Pancit Bihon, Pancit Malabon, Misua, Pancit Canton, Mami, Miki, Molo, Ramen, Soba and Udon and even our very own Spaghetti Sauce. Name it, we have it!

We always ensure that our products are of highest quality and made from finest and best ingredients. Our excellent products are sold through our flagship brands DELICIOUS Special Noodles, FAVORITO Quality Noodles, and SUPER SAVE Noodles.

We are also a proud distributor of best quality food and milk brands such as DOREEN Sweetened Condensed Creamer and Evaporated Creamer, Dairy Champ, OKI Sweetened Condensed Creamer, Gold Coin Sweetened Condensed Milk, Supercorn Healthy Snacks, Hoc Guan Products such as Temple Brand Beans and Peas Products , Coconut Brand and Cook Brand Premium Soy Sauce and Vinegar Products, SUPER Q Golden Bihon and Special Pancit Palabok, GOLD CREST Brand, FAFAFA Brand, and RED PHOENIX Brand Vermicelli, ARAWAN Glutinous Rice Flour, KRISPERS Brand and NAN YUAN Brand Bread Crumbs, J EM J Whole Kernel Corns, Golden Sweet Cream-Style Corn, Coconut Milk and Tomato Paste, and TAI HING Young Corn, Canned Mushrooms and Tomato Paste.

Our Product. Our People. Our Pride.

We are Gold Label Resources, Incorporated

Our Milestones

Seasoned by time, Gold Label Resources, Inc. has gained many milestones in the food manufacturing and distribution industry.

  1. The only noodle manufacturer that produces the widest variety of noodle products, such as Spaghetti, Macaroni, Pancit Bihon, Pancit Malabon, Pancit Canton, Misua, Mami/Miki/Molo, Ramen, Soba, and Udon among others.
  2. The pasta manufacturer who first to introduce macaroni shapes such as the Dancing Elbow, Sexy Elbow, Bamboo, and Twist Macaroni.
  3. The only pasta manufacturer who produces the most number of Macaroni shapes (18 shapes).
  4. The first to introduce Macaroni pasta in 8 ounces Family pack. We are also the first to introduce Macaroni in 150 g Budget/Tipid pack.
  5. One of the pioneer noodle manufacturers to introduce the Asian-style Misua.
  6. The first to introduce Misua noodles in the market packed in clean and sealed plastic bag.
  7. One of the first noodle manufacturers to produce Misua in a cleaner, more modern, and more automated production facility as compared to the traditional hand-made Misua production.
  8. One of the oldest manufacturers of Sun-Dried Pancit Bihon in the Philippines. Sun-Dried Pancit Bihon is more delicious, has a more distinct aroma, and tastes better than the Oven-Dried Pancit Bihon.
  9. One of the oldest noodle manufacturers that still offer the traditional Sun-Dried Pancit Malabon. The Sun-Dried Pancit Malabon tastes better than other machine-processed Pancit Malabon noodles. Our Delicious Pancit Malabon absorbs the taste of your delicious palabok sauce more as compared to the other Pancit Malabon noodle brands. Truly, the best and original Pancit Malabon comes only from Malabon.
  10. One of the first manufacturers to introduce Pancit Bihon and Pancit Malabon packed individually in hygienic plastic packaging as compared to the used paper / brown paper packaging used during the previous decades.
  11. One of the pioneer manufacturers of dried egg noodles Mami/Miki/Molo – a healthier alternative to the traditional wet noodles sold in the market. Our Mami/Miki/Molo uses all-natural ingredients, has no chemicals or preservatives, moist free, odor free, has longer shelf life. It also tastes better than the traditional wet noodles.
  12. The first local noodle manufacturer that produces Ramen, Soba, and Udon noodles.
  13. The first to introduce Malaysia’s DOREEN Condensada and Evaporada in Luzon, the Number 1 imported Condensada and Evaporada in the Philippines.
  14. One of the only few authorized SUPER Q Golden Bihon and Pancit Palabok distributors in Luzon. The Number 1 Golden Bihon and Pancit Palabok in the Philippines.
  15. One of the authorized distributors to first introduce in the market imported food brands such as GOLD CREST, FAFAFA, and RED PHOENIX Vermicelli, ARAWAN Glutinous Rice, KRISPERS and NAN YUAN Bread Crumbs, J EM J Whole Kernel Corns, Golden Sweet Cream-Style Corn, and Tomato Paste, and TAI HING Canned Mushrooms and Tomato Paste.

We, at Gold Label Resources, Inc., are always geared towards giving only the best quality products with affordable price. We work hard and exert great efforts every day to give utmost satisfaction to our valued customers and consumers.

Our Product. Our People. Our Pride.
We are Gold Label Resources, Incorporated.

Our History

From its humble beginnings as a trading company established by Mr. Co Yak Lian in 1968, the Gold Label Resources, Incorporated (GLRI) has now evolved and became one of the pioneers in noodles and food manufacturing and distribution in the Philippines.

In the present, GLRI has expanded its manufacturing operations from a small plant facility in Malabon, Metro Manila to two new bigger, better, and much modern manufacturing facilities in Guiguinto, Bulacan. The current warehouses in Malabon City are maintained and developed further to become the central business offices of the Company. Due to its strategic location in the city, our offices have become an integral part of our business where we establish a stronger and better network to serve our valued customers.
As years pass by, the Company and its management have developed an extensive experience in manufacturing and distributing a broad line of noodles and food products. Today, GLRI is one of the major pasta and noodle manufacturers and one of the key players in food distribution in the Philippines. Our trusted brands are being sold and enjoyed by many customers across the country because of its good quality and affordability.

Our Product. Our People. Our Pride.
We are Gold Label Resources, Incorporated.